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Certified Organic

Made in Holland


This organic vodka is distilled to an authentic Russian recipe from organic wheat, yeast and water.

This vodka gets its full, smooth taste only after it has been distilled five times, in small batches.

Content: 700 ml.
Alcohol: 40% vol.




Vodka is a drink drunk worldwide, distilled from potato, rye or corn.
The drink is distilled in many places, but is primarily associated with Russia.
The literal meaning is “water” and it is said to enhance fertility and lust.

History of vodka

The drink is possibly a century old, but its origin cannot be traced exactly.
It is possible that its origins are even in the Arab world and not in Poland or Russia.

The original version maxed out at around 17% alcohol because distillation had not yet been discovered.
After the application of distillation, this percentage sometimes went up to 70%
The first reports of commercial distillers date to around the 15th – 16th centuries.


Liquor was affordable only to the wealthier classes.
With the introduction of state-fired Vodka, the drink became affordable to the common people.
At one point in the early 20th century, revenues from the tax on vodka were huge.
Liquor accounted for 40 percent of state revenue in Russia.

However, the start of the Russian Revolution brought a turnaround in drinking.
(State) vodka declined tremendously in popularity and caused a huge decline in consumption.

Renewed increase in consumption

During and after World War II, vodka’s popularity increased again.
Initially taken by the Russian army and later during reconstruction.

Today, vodka is indispensable at the bar as the basis for many different mixed drinks.
The most famous is undoubtedly the Bloody Mary.
Historically named after Queen Mary I of England, whose nickname was “Bloody Mary.”
This involves mixing vodka with tomato juice.
The addition of Tabasco and the whole thing garnished with black pepper, provide a bite!


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