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John B. Whisky minis

Meet the delicious mini bottles of John B. organic whisky – a real gem for lovers of the good things in life!

These 4 beautiful bottles have a modest 50 ml capacity, making them perfect for combining convenience and luxury.
John B. organic whisky is made with the highest quality ingredients. With every sip, you imagine yourself in a world of indulgence and premium flavor.

These mini bottles are not only functional but also beautifully packaged, making them a great gift option for any whisky lover.

Whether you want to enjoy a drink alone or impress your guests at a party,…
The mini bottles of John B. organic whisky, are a great choice!

  • 5 y.o. Single Malt, 50 ml
  • 10 y.o. Single Malt, 50 ml
  • 10 y.o. Single Malt Peated, 50 ml
  • 10 y.o. Single Malt Cask Strength, 50 ml




The John B. organic mini whisky set is a fantastic collection of high-quality whiskys. It offers you a unique and unforgettable whisky tasting experience.

The set contains four 50 ml mini bottles, each containing different types of Single Malt whisky.
Offering a variety of flavours, the set is perfect for anyone interested in exploring the world of whisky.

The 5-year-old Single Malt has been aged to perfection, resulting in a strong and robust flavor.

In addition, for those who like to explore unique and intense flavors, there is the 10 Year Old Single Malt.
Available in three different varieties – Single Malt, Peated and Cask Strength.
The 10-year-old Single Malt was awarded gold in 2022, as the best whisky in America.
The Peated Single Malt imparts a smoky flavor and leaves a lasting impression.
The Cask Strength, a limited edition, is which adds another layer of complexity and intensity.
An extraordinary choice is for whisky lovers.

All in all, the John B. organic whisky set is an excellent addition to any whisky collection.
It allows you to explore a range of flavours, from aged to unique.
Perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality, unforgettable whisky experience.


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