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Dry Gin

Organic John B. Dry Gin is distilled from organic winter wheat.
This includes the addition of juniper, licorice, cinnamon and cardamom.

The flavor is complex but beautifully balanced.
The subtle notes of juniper, lemon and lavender, among others, are evident.

Content: 700 ml.
Alcohol: 40% vol.




Dry Gin

It once began as a drink of the poor.
But through a tremendous wandering through history, it still managed to survive and prosper.
In particular, the famous Gin-Tonic is a mix drunk worldwide.


In the 17th century, people in London began to imitate (Dutch) Jenever.
This is how the “Ginnever” was distilled, which later became simply “Gin.
The drink had been brought from the Low Countries by soldiers years earlier.
The so-called “Dutch courage,” the gin, was used to drink courage in battle against the Spaniards.

Gin madness had its peak in the 18th century when the cheap drink took possession of London’s poor neighborhoods.
On its own, it was the enabler of crime, prostitution and general drunkenness.
It also served the upper echelons of the population for which “Gin Palace” were created.

This persisted well into the 19th century.
Despite various and frantic attempts by the English government to curb consumption.

And then came the Vodka

After the World Wars, gin was perceived as “corny,” influenced by an emerging Vodka.
Driven primarily by marketing appeal, the drink was knocked off the throne.
The more than 2 centuries of domination seemed to be over.

Popular again

Partly due to the launch of Bombay Sapphire’s “blue” gin, the drink became popular again.
This increase in popularity caused other brands to believe in the gin market again.
Ingredients were experimented with and resurrection was a reality.
The gin is back and once again very popular.
The gin-tonic is still a welcome guest in popular bars around the world.
John B. Dry Gin is of organic origin, which gets its complex flavor from the addition of juniper, licorice, cinnamon and cardamom.


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