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Brown Rum

Brown rum has a more rich and complex flavor than its relative the white rum.
This makes it perhaps the most widely distilled beverage in the world.
The history of shipping is peppered with rum stories.
Through the centuries and still a delicious, beloved beverage today.

John B. Brown Rum is distilled from organic molasses and cane sugar.
Maturation in oak creates a smooth and accessible rum.
The velvety texture blends beautifully with the authentic flavors of oak and caramel.
In short, a Brown Rum of honest origin, with a wonderful smooth taste.

Content: 700 ml.
Alcohol: 38% vol




Brown Rum.

Brown Rum is an alcoholic beverage aged in wooden barrels that is loved by many.
Which is maily due to it’s diverse character.


Rum’s origin starts in Brazil with the Spanish and Partuguese colonists.
In the 16th century, Spanish and Portuguese settlers planted sugar cane and began distilling rum.
The ships took the rum with them.
As a result, the art of rum distilling was spread by sea to, other countries in the Caribbean.
By the way, the Brazilians do not call it rum but cachaça and use a slightly different production process for it.


Still many rums are made in the Caribbean.
One of the most famous Caribbean rum countries is probably Cuba (the birthplace of Bacardi and Havana Club).

It is also produced in many other parts of the world, including Central and South America, Europe and even Asia.

To underline the popularity of rum: There are a total of over 40 countries around the world producing all kinds of different types of rum, including the Netherlands.

What is rum made of?

As a base you need sugar cane molasses.
Yeast and water are added to this and then fermented.
After the distillation has taken place, rum ages for at least a year.

How the drink matures determines the colour of rum.
For example:

  • Steel tanks: the drink remains colorless
  • Oak barrels: then the drink gets a brown color

The sugar cane used is responsible for the final quality of the finished product.

Which types of rum are there?

Rum types and their differences at a glance:

  • White rum: clear white rum.
    Contains very few flavours besides the general sweet taste of rum.
  • Brown rum: maturation in wooden barrels gives the drink a brown color.
    The flavours you find are full of aromas such as spices.
  • Flavoured rum: in other words, rum with an added taste.
    These flavours mainly come from fruit that is co-distilled during the production process.
    Think of banana, mango, orange or coconut, for example.
  • Overproof rum: rum with an alcohol content of at least 75%.
    An example of this is Strohrum.


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